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John D. Hanson, Sr.

John D. Hanson Sr.

Solar and Wind Energy Consultants LLC

Contractor's License CA-379618 C-46

One of first licenses issued in USA - August 1979.

After First "Arab Oil Crisis", received Masters Degree from San Jose State University, 1975: Alternative Energy — Environmental Science — Educational Leadership

Lived "Off the Land/Off the Utility Grid" in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California:  Bought photovoltaic panel for electricity, built solar hot water panels for hot water and heating, CB radio thru phone patch for communication.

Community College Instructor - Alternative Energy: Santa Clara County, CA 1976-1983 (until President Reagan eliminated tax incentives and industry collapsed and most energy training programs were eliminated).

Listed in "Who's Who" in Education 1980 for Training Program development

PG&E Electric Utility Design Award and $1,000 prize awarded for "95% Solar Powered Home Design House" built in 1981, San Martin, CA "Sun Therm" Program.

Designed dozens of "solar homes", most still functioning as well as their first day of operation.  Installed Hundreds of Solar and Wind Projects in California from 1975 to 2004.

Dozens of Wind and Solar Projects in Dakotas & Minn. 2005- Present 31 Wind Turbines and over a dozen Solar Photovoltaic Projects

Testified at the White House September 29, 2009 as early implementor of alternative energy and spoke to the necessity of Government to do more to encourage development and training necessary to create jobs for the future.

Joined Enterprise Sales - Wind and Solar Division in 2009 as Technical Advisor and System Designer.

Most recent notable projects:  

    • Research study proving that photovoltaic* panels on single axis trackers are more cost effective in North Dakota then systems in
       Arizona, and better than small wind turbines.

    • Developing cost-effective solar building heating systems and solar-powered electric vehicles; with the aim to reduce or
      dependence on foreign oil.